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Temperature Screening Kiosk

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The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 from china has led to widespread concerns around the globe. A profound level of research for the vaccine is still under progress. The best we can do is save ourselves from infections is through dedicated Temperature Screening Kiosk.

Dry cough and high fever are prominent symptoms for COVID-19. This leads to screening and containing personals with Coronavirus infections.

What is a Body Temperature Kiosk?

Automatic Temperature Screening Solutions are efficient enough to analyse the body temperature of the visitor with zero contact. The AI-backed Kiosk will not only recognise a face but read body temperature as well as store and analyse results.

Personals need to stand in front of the camera, and sensors analyse skin temperature. The size of Kiosk is quite small and can be easily mounted on a tripod or even permanently installed on the wall.

Top Reasons to buy a Temperature Screening Kiosk

  1. Automatic Facial Temperature Locker
  2. Real-time Screening
  3. Hand-free Access
  4. Contact Tracing
  5. Path Tracing
  6. Time-Tick Attendance system
  7. Room Tracing & Capacity Management
  8. Location Activity Dashboard
  9. Automatic Statistical Maintenance
  10. Cost-Effective

How does most body temperature Kiosk work?

Body temperature kiosk runs on the principle of thermal imaging to determine external body temperature. Infrared light-based screening delivers highly accurate results. Personals need to stand at a distance between 0.3-1.0 m for accurate results. It can deliver extensively accurate results of close to ±0.2 ºC accuracy.

Normal temperatures will screen for 37 ºC (98.6 ºF), whereas higher temperatures will alert all the authorities. The Kiosk is capable of screening temperature from the forehead, this enables employees to wear face masks.

Factors that affect temperature screening

  1. Distance of Target
  2. Focus of Camera
  3. Camera Resolution
  4. Speed Of Measurement

Why Temperature Screening Kiosks is better than Traditional Thermometer?

 Kiosks are far more efficient, comfortable and safer in terms of the alternative traditional thermometer. The traditional thermometer can cause diverse issues leading to spread to coronavirus. Let’s swipe through the gist of benefits that Kiosk levy upon.

  1. Virus Infections: Traditional thermometers can spread virus on physical touch, whereas Kiosks are completely safe in these parameters since they are completely contact-less.
  2. Maintenance: A normal thermometer need to sanitised or plastic-covered after every usage which can be time-consuming as well expensive, whereas Kiosks are relatively low on maintenance.
  3. Screening Time: Temperature screening through thermometer can be time-consuming, whereas Kiosk can screen a person within ≈3 seconds.
  4. Human Involvement: One needs a trained medical practitioner for using a thermometer, whereas Kiosk is completely independent and don’t require any human involvement.
  5. Safe social distance: Thermometer temperature screening might affect minimum social distance norms, whereas Kiosks doesn’t require anyone into your proximity.
  6. No Data collection: traditional thermometers are not conducive to centralised data evaluation and analysis, whereas Kiosk can intelligently store data for future processing.

Value-adding Automatic Temperature Screening Solutions

 Temperature Screening Kiosks are significant in curbing virus spread. Although they can be expensive for some organisations, state-of-the-art customisation has made it provident for every organisation.

Temperature screening Kiosk may not help you get rid of COVID-19 but significantly help in preventing the spread. Once installed it can last for years to come and robust nature makes it completely dustproof & waterproof.

Kiosks are crafted under the guidelines of the federal government, this ensures their versatile applications. Your employees feel a lot safer and confident while working with your organisation. Let’s dig into reasons for which Temperature Screening Solutions could be beneficial.

  1. Automatic Facial Temperature Locker

The Kiosk is enabled to detect higher temperature and deliver a clear warning. AI-backed Kiosk offers reliable screening for a group of people at a single stroke. The warnings are auditory as well as visual. The system automatically saves the image as well as notifies the authorities for location trail.

  1. Real-time Screening

The temperature screening kiosk takes less than a few seconds to detect fever.  The state-of-the-art security helps in notifying operators via SMS, Message Screens, E-mails & Personal health Status. Business can detect possibly infectious person and curb his further entry in office, warehouse & Construction facility.

The prominent information delivered in Alerts,

  1. Departure Alert
  2. Arrival Alert
  3. Fever Alert Per Person
  4. Unauthorised Movement Alert
  1. Hand-free Access

Kiosk technology is famous for its hands-free access. Incorporating with existing infrastructure one can manage automatic door access and contact points. Kiosk completely mitigates the needs of touch panels, Swipe cards & Turnstiles. The kiosk can also be used for managing several people allowed at a time in an area.

  1. Contact Tracing

The kiosk can assist in the process of contact tracing as well. Identifying, informing and monitoring people with probable infectious diseases could be diagnosed. The technology uses it tracing technology to report all connections. Automating the complete process will help organisations in gaining accurate and up-to-date exposure lists.

  1. Path Tracing

Path Tracing is a concept which helps in managing traffic flow through contact incidents. Kiosk helps organisations in monitoring utilisation of directional pathways and up-down stairwells compliances. The users are alerted for pathway guidelines or even reports are created for future reviewing.

  1. Time-Tick Attendance system

The kiosk platform is perfectly suited for attendance and time reporting as well. The advanced technology incorporated in Temperature Screening Kiosk will help in real-time automatic roll call as well. Organisations can leverage payroll system included with time notified entry-exit reports.

  1. Room Tracing & Capacity Management

Room tracing technology in Kiosk helps managing room capacities and maintaining thresholds during high traffic. Incorporating Green/Red light system will automatically acknowledge people for the access permit. This kiosk keeps a tab of sanitation shifts. The sanitation staff is already notified for the usage limits.

  1. Location Activity Dashboard

Location activity dashboard is all about monitoring, controlling and documenting the movement of material and people around a facility. Using Automatic Temperature Screening Solutions technology, Organisations can restrict access to certain locations for Employees/Visitors. Location activity also includes the duration of time spent in certain locations.

  1. Automatic Statistical Maintenance

On high skin temperature, Kiosk will automatically trigger an alarm while capturing a photo. AI-backed screening solution will prepare a statistical report for screened personals and COVID-19 tests reports. The kiosk can minimize the overall epidemic spread and control in a better way.

  1. Cost-Effective

The customised nature of temperature screening solutions makes them viable for diverse locations. The tripod-mounted or wall mounted fix can cut down screening costs for the company. The cost-effective option can also be installed in access control doors to metal detectors of airports and public areas.

Final Words

Temperature Screening has turned out to be the most crucial thing in Coronavirus situation. Monitoring body temperatures through Kiosk is a rapid, non-invasive and accurate means of screening out potentially infected persons with Novel coronavirus.

The versatile nature backed by rapid deployment in site conditions has made Temperature Screening Kiosk most demanded things amongst all. For optimum results, this kiosk can be also incorporated into security solutions as well. Automatic Temperature Screening Solutions can help in mitigating and curbing the spread of the virus into your organisation.

COVID-19 Temperature Screening Solutions

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