Make Workplace Safer With Our Automatic Temperature Screening Kiosks

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Temperature Kiosk Desktop

A real Time-Saver

Stay CDC Compliant and keep employees and patrons safe. Now is the time.

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Temperature Kiosk Desktop

Safe and Accurate Temperature Station

No-touch access management kiosks with temperature-measurement capability and includes facial recognition for employees, perfect for access management. It comes in three versions – desktop, pedestal with or without sanitizer and wall mount.

Facial Recognition Kiosk: Use optional facial recognition for capturing visitors and employees.

Temperature Screening Kiosk: Effective temperature screening in less than 1 sec, completely touch free.

Automatic Temperature Screening Kiosk – Features

🌡️ A SAFER WORKSPACE – Easily monitor the temperature of employees and customers entering your premises. Our infrared camera device encourages prevention with its touchless temperature screening.

🌡️ QUICK TEMPERATURE READING – Say goodbye to long queues at the entrance! This body temperature scanner saves precious time as it can get an accurate temperature readout in less than a second.

🌡️ PLUG & PLAY DESIGN – Our temperature kiosk connects via wireless or Ethernet connection, and may be synced with other site management systems that you use. Easy to set up and use!

🌡️ BUILT FOR EVERYDAY USE – This automatic temperature scanner is ready to withstand the test of time. It shows off a waterproof and dustproof aluminium alloy body, which rests on a sturdy base.

🌡️ 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Our customer service reps are available 24/7 for you. If you are unhappy with the quality of our device, let us know within 1 year of purchase and we will be glad to help.

Temperature Screening Kiosk
Secure and High Performance Temperature Screening Kiosk

Access Management Kiosk with Temperature Screening and Facial Recognition Specifications

Keeping workplace safer

For Manufacturing Unit/ Warehouses our temperature screening kiosks are helping engineers and workers at distributed locations screen themselves for temperature before returning to work, using cloud based central management software.

For Universities and Schools  our facial recognition and access management kiosks are being deployed in multiple entry points at buildings so that they can screen the students and safely get them back to school

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