COVID-19 Temperature Screening Solutions

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COVID-19 Temperature Screening Solutions

Pandemic was the word, we over the years searched in dictionaries. In recent weeks, Coronavirus has posted a clear of how disastrous a Pandemic could be. The medical world is already racing for curative Vaccine, but how do we survive till then?

The prominent solution could be to contain and monitor the spread of the deadly virus. Temperature Screening Solutions could help us thrive the race of fight against Coronavirus. These screening solutions are intelligent enough of Detecting and Alarming of a possible infected person.

Which are Temperature Screening Solutions for COVID-19

1. Handheld Forehead Temperature Scanner

2. Tripod Mounted Temperature-Screening Thermal Cameras

3. Walk Through Temperature Scanner

4. Temperature Screening Kiosk

Thermal Screening solutions Importance

Thermal screening solutions cannot detect Coronavirus but screen out personals with high temperature. Since high skin temperature is one of the prominent symptoms of COVID-19. Personals with higher temperature are probable to be infected with Coronavirus.

Thermal Screening solutions like IR Thermometer and thermal camera are efficient in terms of temperature screening. All temperature solutions ensure non-contact temperature measurements. Incorporating temperature screening solutions is quite evident since they curb the spread of infection in your organisation.

How do Temperature Screening Solution work?

Temperature screening solutions work on the principles of emissivity. The amount of infrared emitted is gauged and temperature adhering to it is outlined. The emissivity scale can range from 0-1, (0 = Reflects all Energy & 1 = perfectly absorbs all Energy)

Most thermal screening solutions have a minuscule ±0.3-0.5˚C of the temperature correction factor.

Temperature Measurement Wall Hanging Thermometer

Prominent Categorisation in COVID Screening Solutions

1. Single Person Tests

These solutions incorporate lower resolution thermal imagers, where a person needs to come in camera alignment. Temperature screening might take 5 Sec duration.

The instrument automatically checks and displays the temperature of the face. The solutions are useful in screening personals in offices and generating statistical reports.

2. Multi-Person Passive Test

These solutions are useful in screening a group of people in a single stroke. They include a high-resolution thermal camera, installed at entry-exit of buildings. The system is silent and seamless and can screen out people without any interruption.

What Smart Temperature Screening solutions can do?

Temperature screening solutions can be quite evident in managing unmanned temperature detection entrances. The technologically advanced solutions can alert management into various aspects. Temperature screening solutions can share a combination of

1. SMS Alerts

2. Strobe Lights

3. Audible Alarm

4. E-mail Alerts

5. Desktop alerts on authorised mobile devices and PCs.

Diverse Screening Solutions

Since most organisations are re-opening they need a reliable support system. The goal is to ensure the health and safety of employees. There are diversified COVID Screening Solutions, Prominent of them are listed below:

1) Handheld Forehead Temperature Scanner

An individual holds the scanner up to another individual’s forehead to scan his temperature. This process utilises Infrared technology to analyse the body temperature.


1) Low-Cost Screening Solution

2) Touch-free Process & Easy to Use

3) Efficient for Micro Businesses

4) Ergonomic


1) Deployment of a dedicated person for the screening process

2) Both individuals need to come in contact at a certain distance through device (3-15)cm

3) Laborious task

4) Inefficient for large organisations

2) Tripod Mounted Temperature-Screening Thermal Cameras

Tripod Mounted Temperature Screening solutions have been better in terms of social distance compliances. These devices help ones with a temperature of personal along with heat map. Contrary to IR thermometers, these use thermal imaging technology to screen out individuals.


1) Seamless

2) Analyses multiple parameters

3) Issues both audible as well as visual alerts

4) Viable for dark & Light conditions as well


1) Expensive in terms of IR screening solutions

2) Single person at a time

3) Tripod arrangement for installing is mandatory

3) Walk Through Temperature Scanner

The Walkthrough Temperature Scanners screens out groups for their temperatures. They incorporate Infrared camera for the whole process. Designed for large group screening or high-volume entries.


1) No stopping at Entry

2) Video Recording Enabled

3) Touch-Free & Contact Free

4) Scan hundreds of employees at a single time


1) Improper for temperature screening in a line

2) Costly for small organisations

3) Cumbersome for hourly checks

4) Temperature Screening Kiosk

The temperature Screening Kiosk is designed for individual temperature screening. A kiosk is one of the cost-efficient and ideal for offices. The individual needs to align his face in the alignment of the camera.


1) Can be placed at the entry of Office

2) The kiosk can be mounted on Tabletop, Podium or Wall

3) Door access & Alarm based modifications on Temperature of Individual

4) Touch-Free & Contact Free


1) Single Person at a time

2) Can take up to 10 Seconds for temperature Screening

UV Sanitizer Wand/ Stick

How do Most AI-Backed Temperature Screening Solutions work?

They are directly integrated into your security system. The AI, Ensures all the COVID-19 symptomatic are screened out through real-time Fever Detections. This could be quite useful in mass screening at public places such as commercial buildings, schools, Airports & Various other transport mediums.

System’s Components

1) AI for accurate temperature measurement and screening

2) Dual Thermal & Video Camera

3) Flexible designed Reports

4) Cloud Data Storage

AI-Based Features

1) Distinguish people faces in regards to nearby objects (Hot Cups, Lights, Gadgets), to prevent screening ambiguity

2) Diversified temperature measurement points to attain 95% accuracy

3) Recognise human face with headwear, glasses and Masks as well.

Thermal Cameras

1) Analysing up to 30 subject personals at a single time.

2) Screening temperature up to a 3-meter distance

3) Automatic calibrations and Camera coverage

4) Processing Data in real times

Alerting & Notification Systems

1) Automatic screening of personals with high fever and sending immediate alerts

2) Delivering advanced notification backed by Personals Image, Temperature Measurements, location of Spotting.

3) Daily, Weekly, Monthly reports for the requested parameters

Location-specific applications of Temperature Screening Solutions

These solutions are designed to cater to diverse industries on the frontline. Fight against Coronavirus isn’t restrained for some time, but would continue for until conditions are eased. The applications include

1) Public Spaces

Scanning of people temperature at Entry of public spaces like Airports, Railway Stations, Large public gatherings. These solutions would prevent further spread of COVID-19 in crowded places.

2) Healthcare

Identifying potential Coronavirus spreaders before they enter healthcare is significant to curb the further spread. Limiting contact with high-temperature patients would ensure the safety of hospital staff.

3) Business Headquarters

Multinational companies planning to bring their employees back to the office need to be 100% sure about the safety of their staff. These COVID Screening Solutions would segregate employees with higher temperature.

4) Retail Stores

Employees at Retail stores are most vulnerable to COVID-19. Installing thermal screening solutions would ensure the safety of customers and staff. Identifying customers and staff well in advance will help them divert them from stores.

Final Words

There is a lot of uncertainty in the world with COVID-19. There is still a significant time for a reliable Vaccine and organisations need to initiate. Temperature screening solutions is one of the reliable solutions to safely reopen your business. Screen your employees for the probable infection and safely offer reliable services.

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