How to Use Thermometer Kiosks to Protect your Staff and Guests

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As businesses all over the world, are now returning to the normal way of working after the Covid-19 pandemic, many are launching contactless thermometer stations for the safety of their employees and customers at the workplace.

Contactless Thermometer
What are contactless thermometer stations?

A contactless thermometer station includes Temperature Screening Kiosks with the latest technology to detect and alert the authorities about the irregularities. They screen your body temperature and alert the admin if you are running a fever. They also have automated features like screening, alerting, and detecting any abnormalities in the sanitization process.

Who will use contactless thermometer stations?

Contactless thermometer stations are useful tools to screen the employees and customers coming to the business place. Many companies are installing them as a safety measure for their employees and customers. Touchscreen Temperature Screening Kiosks are the right tool for the business houses, as they screen for the body temperature automatically from a distance.

How will contactless thermometer stations protect people?

In today’s post-pandemic world, many business houses have installed Temperature measurement kiosks for their employees. Employees’ health and safety is an essential element to run the business smoothly. These kiosks read the temperature from a distance and instantly. If an employee is walking with a fever in the office area, he will be scanned automatically and called upon another room for further scanning. This will protect the other employees in the office, which is encouraging for the business.

Advantages of Temperature kiosks in the workplace

The Temperature Screening Kiosks are a real time saver. No need for a person to take everybody’s temperature, no need for long queues and waiting lines. The contactless thermometer stations are an instant screening tool for the business. They can read your temperature from a distance and keep your business place safe.

Temperature Kriosks
Types of Temperature scanning options

  • Body Temperature Kiosk with Facial Recognition- This kind of kiosks have optional facial recognition software for capturing employees and visitors for record-keeping.
  • Digital Signage Kiosk with Temperature Screening- Digital Signage Kiosks are stationed with the digital display for advertisement. They also have optional temperature screening features.

Apart from the screening stations that scare most customers, you can install digital signage kiosks with attractive digital display units. You can advertise offers or messages for the customers. You can install optional temperature screening and sanitization units in the kiosks. Keep your patrons entertaining and safe.

COVID-19 Temperature Screening Solutions

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